No Spill Pump

Imagine No Spills! Less Odors! And its refillable!

Pump it up! The No Spill Pump: Professional Nail Polish Remover from Cutex is the way to go. No mess. Little effort. Put away those tippy bottles, confidently take your nail care anywhere in the house; and get the The Cutex No Spill Pump. The easy, spill-proof way to take off nail polish in an instant-- twice as fast as any other nail polish remover!

Cutex No Spill Pump uses the same strengthening, nourishing and moisturizing formula as its quick & gentle formula, but it has the bonus of a specially designed pump that dispenses the nail polish remover easily and quickly with one simple press.

Cutex No Spill Professional Nail Polish Remover Pump Bottle is available in either acetone formula for natural nails or non-acetone for artificial or natural nails. Also available in advanced formula which combines botanical oils with Cutex’s patented remover formula that strengthens and nourishes nails after just one use.


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