Advanced Revival Nail Formula

Want nourished, clean, and strong nails? Cutex’s Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover is a patent-pending formula that combines the power of acetone with the strengthening and nourishing of natural drying oils. The natural drying oils begin as a liquid and turn into a solid when exposed to air. This drying process is what strengthens the nails, leaving them feeling nourished and clean after only one use.


Cutex has been making nail care products for over 100 years and we are thrilled to have you try our latest formula. While new product, Cutex Advanced Revival’s inspiration came from the 13th Century religious icon exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Art Museum. A Cutex chemist began to wonder what the artists used to keep their colors so vibrant, even after all these years. His research led him to the discovery of botanical oils that preserve their important paintings. Being a lifelong nail enthusiast, he looked for applications in nail care -- and Cutex Advanced Revival was created. Unlike any other nail polish remover, Cutex Advanced Revival contains natural botanical oils, Apricot seed, Black currant and Flaxseed, which strengthen and nourish nails. Similar to the paintings he admired, Cutex Advanced Revival’s natural oils protect the nails for a strong manicure that lasts.

  • While the acetone dries quickly, the botanical oils remain behind, moisturizing nails and cuticles.
  • As the oils dry, a protective shield formulates, strengthening nails and providing a superior base for polish.
  • Residual acetone will come off with traditional hand washing, while the nourishing and protective coating of the Cutex botanical oils remains. 

SPA Formula

Cutex’s SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover is the latest innovation in nail care for users of gel, Shellac and other hard-to-remove nail polishes. The new SPA Formula combines the power of 100 percent acetone with the strengthening and nourishing capabilities of Cutex’s patented botanical oils, including apricot seed, flax seed and perilla oils, leaving nails looking and feeling healthy, strong and beautiful.

Regular Formula

Want to keep your nails looking their best? Try Cutex's Protein-Enriched Regular formula. This acetone nail polish remover will quickly remove even the darkest polish, and the enriched formula will help you keep your nails and cuticles strong and beautiful with each use.

Strengthening with Gelatin Formula

Got thin, weak nails? Try Cutex's Strengthening with gelatin formula. The enriched formula is packed with essential vitamins and protein that help promote strong and healthy-looking nails and cuticles and help to fortify soft, weak or thin nails.

Nourishing with Vitamin E Formula

Do your nails break easily? Try Cutex's Nourishing with vitamin E formula. With each use, the vitamin E-enriched formula will help to replace moisture in dry, brittle or damaged nails. Your nails will look healthier and feel stronger and more flexible.

Protein Enriched Non-acetone Formula

Do you wear acrylics or other types of artificial nails? Try Cutex's Protein Enriched non-acetone formula. Not only is it the best nail polish remover, but it safely and gently removes polish from artificial nails, promoting healthy-looking nails and cuticles with each use.