Cutex Liquid Nail Polish Remover

You just don't mess with perfection. That's why generations of women have trusted Cutex Liquid Nail Polish Remover to help them keep their nails beautiful. Cutex's wide variety of formulas and sizes makes it easy to find the perfect nail polish remover solution for your nails. Cutex Nail Polish Remover's breakthrough formulas remove polish more quickly than any other traditional remover, even under the cuticle. And it won't dry out your nails and cuticles like other removers—so you can change your polish in a flash, as often as you like.

Helpful Travel Tip:

When storing in your purse or cosmetics bag, always place the bottle in a leak-proof plastic bag to protect your belongings – just in case! Remember, for airplane travel, liquid nail polish remover is prohibited by TSA on-board, but keeping it in cargo could be damaging to your belongings. The lack of pressurization on planes could cause leakage in your bag – eek! Instead, try using our handy CUTEX NAIL POLISH REMOVER PADS (available in Advance, Regular, and Non-Acetone formula) for safe and spotless airplane travel. 

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