Instant Nail Polish Removers


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Cutex© Instant Jar Nail Polish Remover offers a quick and easy alternative to liquid polish removers. It works like an automatic nail polish remover. No need for messy cotton balls or tissues—just insert your finger into the sponge and twist to remove polish completely.

Condition your nails and cuticles and remove polish in one easy step. Cutex’s breakthrough protein-enriched formula works faster than any other traditional nail polish remover, and even dark or glitter polish is easily dissolved away.

Get it in a six-ounce, no-spill tub fitted with a sponge center. Use the acetone formula for natural nails, or the non-acetone for both natural and artificial nails. Perfect for a quick polish change.

New for 2015: Twister with SPA Formula
The one-of-a-kind duo action designed jar includes a sponge and a handy bristle brush to use on extra stubborn polish. Simply insert your finger in the sponge and use the brush to clean away stubborn polish.

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